Our infrastructure has been built from the ground up to ensure consistent high availability of service and crystal clear audio.

From choices of when to use physical assets versus virtual, to which networks to utilise, every decision has been driven by the need to protect your service from disruption.

The most substantive of those decisions was the selection of data centres.

Micron21 has provided us with a robust, scalable and impressively reliable infrastructure to house our servers. Their many points-of-difference speaks volumes as to why utilizing their network improves the stability of your phone system, and why we entrust the quality of our platform to them.

  • Micron21 was the first Australian Data Centre to achieve the industry’s highest accreditation (Tier IV), and even there they surpass industry standards
  • They were the first Australian company to build a commercial 5G network
  • Their DDOS mitigation platform is designed for Australian operations and protects some of Australia's largest networks
  • They offer a 100% SLA backed infrastructure availability
  • They operate the second largest peered network in Australia and connect globally with over 1900 networks with presence in USA, Singapore, Europe and Australia
  • They have technicians available 24/7 within the data centre to ensure issues are addressed rapidly

Our hosted PBX platform now spreads across multiple data centres, load balanced and with automatic high availability routing between data centres, and these options are available for private cloud solutions as well.