About the company

EdgeTel has supplied advanced VoIP solutions to our customers for over 10 years, establishing our brand's name as one of the highest quality VoIP providers in Australia.

Our approach to innovation is driven by what our customers tell us is important to them; whether this is overcoming restrictions in the way that they want to communicate or having greater range and flexibility in the features available.

From a technical perspective, our main focus is continual development in advanced hosted PBX features, delivery of crystal-clear voice quality, technically advanced online PBX management software all provided under a resilient and adaptable infrastructure.

Our success is not only due to the quality of our service, it’s down to our approach, our on-point attitude and most of all the professional way we behave towards our clients, because healing and avoiding telecommunications sore points is what we do best.

Our approach is best defined through what we consider to be our two primary obligations:

Obligation to our clients

Our customers are our greatest source of inspiration and innovation. Sometimes it's the stories we hear from new clients about prior telecommunications problems they're escaping from and sometimes it is existing clients telling us what would make their telecommunications experience better that's shaped our operating framework and sense of obligation to our clients. We aim to ensure the following:

  • All support calls are answered immediately without any long-winded automated messages
  • Calls are answered by technicians of sufficient skill to handle problems immediately without the need to escalate
  • Infrastructure redundancy and reliability to help provide an always-available system that functions the way you expect
  • A platform to allow you to make every conceivable change immediately, without ever being reliant on technicians
  • No hidden costs, exit fees, contract termination fees, lock in periods or any other unpleasant surprises
  • Every call is handled in an enthusiastic, clear and easy-to-understand manner by an Australian based support team

Obligation to our environment

As a company we have prioritised our ethical responsibilities as well, in particular making sure to address any environmental impact caused by our service.

  • We have installed a solar system at our office of sufficient size to exceed our energy requirements during daylight hours (with the excess being provided back to the grid)
  • We purchase carbon neutral energy when sunlight is insufficient to power the office
  • We purchase carbon offsets to cover all our data centre power usage across all data centres
  • We run an effectively paperless office keeping total printing and paper usage to less than 5 reams per year