The flexibility your organisation needs

We understand the requirements of enterprise telephony change from company to company, and country to country. Often companies run aground trying to adapt existing inflexible products as their business needs grow. Everything from an inability to scale seats beyond predefined limits, platform failures under increased load, or lack of customisability when integrating with new 3rd party products or technology - we've heard the painful stories!

Our enterprise platform is ready to be customised to your needs, it's ready to be scaled as often as you need, and our programming team are ready to integrate into even the most unusual of configurations.

All provided on state of the art infrastructure designed to keep you running, all the time.

Reliability you can count on

The EdgeTel platform is designed to provide uptime and reliability to exceed expectations. We operate an array of physical and virtual hardware all chosen to maximise the stability of the platform as a whole. We have incorporated redundancy into every aspect of the system to even protect against unlikely events such as entire data centre failure, for example:

  • All call handling servers are mirrored and load balanced across data centres
  • Call handling servers are run at a fraction of their capacity so if even all the load was to fall on a single data centre there would be no degradation in quality
  • Database servers are mirrored across data centres
  • All database servers are designed to immediately transition across physical servers in the event of a failure without causing a loss in service
  • Multi-carrier aggregation to avoid carrier level failures disrupting call termination
  • Monitored 24/7

Private cloud solutions

If you have additional security requirements, need a deployment of sufficient size, or want to operate directly from your offices to the data centre, our private cloud solutions will meet your needs.

We can deploy fully co-located solutions as well as creating local media server nodes for reduced latency.

The user interface can be adapted to your needs, database driven solutions can be created, with your own private cloud the system is infinitely flexible and adaptable.

Let's discuss your requirements